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One Does Not Set Out To Drink and Drive

When you planned your evening did you plan on getting into your car after 10 beers in 2 hours, hammered out of your mind?  Did you plan on side swiping two cars and knocking over a mail box?  How about that runner that you almost hit?  They had good reflexes or else they would be on crutches now.  Most of us do not plan on drinking and driving, but like the adage says, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  That means, when you go out for a night of drinking if you do not have a clear easily remembered plan of action of how to get home or how to get to the next place, you will ultimately put your life and the lives of others in harms say.

Drinking and driving is glamorized quite heavily in Hollywood. Movies like the Hangover, where the character played by Bradley Cooper tells Ed Helm’s character, “Come on you know I’m a great driver when I’m drunk.” Now I am not blaming the DUI epidemic on Hollywood, I simply wish they would not make light of such a serious subject as many people’s lives have been ruined by people who thought that they were great drunk drivers.

Depending on the state in which you live the severity of the offenses range from OWI-DUI-DWI.  Each while similar are different in the severity of the punishment.  Check out our site for more information at